Providing startups and
early stage businesses with..

Training, Access to Capital, Tech and business support

Intensive Training
Technology Support
Business Coaching
Access to Capital

Let us help you build something people will use.

We focus more on the people that build great companies.

People before product development. We believe raising great leaders will in turn guarantee the creation of great companies. We love to experiment, go through the hassle and challenges of building character and traction.  

We are committed to creating top-end entrepreneurs.

Learn by doing

Providing startups and early stage businesses with access to capital, training, tech and business support


We provide innovative crowdfunding instruments to allow for community support and investment in Grindstone Alumni Network. 

Industries we know well

Agriculture, Technology, Food, Fashion, Media, Real Estate, Retail, Education, Management, Travel & Transport

Talent Pool

Access to a talent network from Taskwit & Codewit. Human capital and development company.

Pre-vetted entrepreneurial mindset pool of talents.


The fine details

Creating businesses & top-end entrepreneurs like never before.

Training & Funding

Online training and support for 1, 000 entrepreneurs/startups every year, incubation and business development support for 100 businesses, and provide access to capital to 10 businesses. You don’t need a business plan to apply. Just fill our online form and take our personal interviews.

Got Vibe?

Seed stage or early stage start-ups. Maybe just an idea or not in existent for more than two years. Founders or idea owners must be cool.

Your idea must be something the world needs. Applications from any part of Africa

Do You Qualify?

The idea must be original; either at ideation stage or seed stage.
Residence of the applicant doesn’t matter as far as their idea provides a solution for developing nations and applicants are willing to set up first in Africa. Applicants must be willing to spend considerable amount of time on the idea to ensure success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications start in November. For now we are trying to prepare an awesome program for you. 

We combine theory with action. We think you need to understand the theory of entrepreneurship and at the same time be ruthlessly excellent at execution and getting things done. 

Anyone building a business in Africa

We are experimenting with our Business development courses starting in September 2020. You can sign up for that now. 

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