Course Detail

Pitching Your Business for Investment or Market share

Course Description

In today’s competitive environment, how you show up is crucial to the success of your business. As a business, you will are constantly in pursuit of innovative ways to put your products in front of customers or attract investors.   The quality of your pitch presentation and your ability to tell a compelling story can make the difference between winning and losing an important piece of business.

We are always trying to get buyers attention, but they are bombarded with information and spoilt for choices. How can you make such an awesome pitch presentation that can make someone stop to pay attention, or get investors curious and eager to learn more about what you are doing to make the world a better place? 

Taking this course will change how you approach investors or make your next sales pitch.  

Pitching is not just about putting a potential client or investor in the room and telling them about your proposal (even if it is a brilliant one). Securing commitment can be a complex process, and pitch presentations fail not just because of the quality of the presentation. We will show you how to win with your pitch presentations and help you craft a compelling story for your business. 

At Grindstone we know how to pitch. We have helped startups and businesses win pitch competitions and secure investment with their pitch presentations. We have a clear, tested, and proven methodology to help you win with your pitch presentation. You get guided every step of the way, with several opportunities to practice and get feedback. 

What you will learn

1. What are future potential investors looking for?
2. The business plan pitch process
3. Learn How to Tell a Compelling Story
4. Your idea, your team & the market place
5. Your Customer Segmentation
6. The competitive landscape
7. Create your Unique Value Proposition 
8. The Ask – state clearly and exactly, what you need in terms of investment
9. Design Your Pitch Deck or Sales Proposal