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Product Development Course

Course Description

Building a product that people want and love,  is often the difference between a $1B company and bankruptcy.

The development of new products and services is a crucial part of business activity within a firm. Product development is a must-have skill if you are looking to launch successful new products year after year.  

Experiential learning at its core. 

This course takes a close look at the tools, techniques, and strategies the world’s leading companies use for product development. Most product development courses only look at the development of physical products, in this course, we will examine in details product development in service-oriented businesses. We believe experience is the new product in today’s world. People buy and keep coming back as a result of their experience with the brand. 

A major part of the course is the physical projects. Participants will be grouped into teams to collaborate on projects and develop new products using the product development process and framework. 

Every participant will receive the following:
  • Electronic course materials and slides
  • Bloop’s Product Management Handbook (over 150 pages of course materials including complete product management framework, tools and templates)
  • Certificate of completion for the course
  • Access to our Slack Community


1. Overview and introduction:
2. Idea Generation
3. Business Strategy & Planning
4. Market & Competitive Assessment
5. Business Case & Business Model
6. Concept development
7. Product Design
8. Pricing, Cost Modelling & Forecasting
9. Agile Project Management Plan